National Game XI Squad Changes

Following media announcements regarding the squad to face Holland at the Kingfield Stadium, there was surprise at the non-inclusion of any Cards players - even though SCR had stated that three would make the squad.

A revised list has been published today - including three Cards and the squad now stands as:

Andy Proctor, Ian Craney, Nikki Bull, Aaron McLean, Nicky Bailey, Liam Hatch, Dean Sinclair, Simon King, Ismail Yakubu, Karl Hawley, Simon Grand, Craig Mikael-Smith, Les Afful, Dean Moxey, Craig Holloway, Mitchell Cole, Stuart Thurgood, Craig Stanley, Rob Purdie, Chris Blackburn, David Perkins, Danny Carlton, Kieran Charnock, Andrew Ralph, Scott Kerr, Chris Senior, George Boyd, Anthony Elding, Amos Foyewa, Simon Jackson, Luke Oliver and Andrew Bishop.