Supporters Club Update

Steve Aspinall has announced that one of the first things that he is organising as part of his new role will be to have a summary of each Supporters Club Committee Meeting's on The Shots, Shotsweb and of course, here on the Strays site to help keep supporters up to date.

Until the correct links have been put in place, he has posted the latest update on Shots Talk which included the following information:

1. The Supporters Club have donated £2,000 to the Football Club from fund raising activities and also passed on was a £1,000 donation from Frank Burt which we all thank him for.

So far this season general donations to the football club total £9,000.

2. Keith Able confirmed that he will be standing for election as Supporters Club Chairman at the AGM also Tony Brooker will be standing for election as Vice Chairman.

3. The Committee have raised concerns with the Board over the standard of the Black Bull, Catering facilites and Stewarding at the EBB Stadium which we will keep the Supporters updated about.

Steve also thanked Richard Llanwarne for the use of his notes as he didn't make any due to it being my first involvement with the committee.

If any supporter has any questions or suggestions, they can email him via:

As a footnote, Steve has reminded everyone that the Supporters Club AGM is happening on Tuesday 2nd December 2008 at 8pm sharp.

The meeting is being held in the upstairs bar, The EBB Lounge, Recreation Ground, Aldershot.

This is open to members for the year 2007/2008 and current members.