Moat Goes Public

LEIGHTON Moat, who resigned as a director at Aldershot Town last week, issued a statement, via the local media, to the club's supporters over the weekend:

"Dear Aldershot Town supporters

"I am sorry I have not spoken to you before this to explain my decision [to resign] but I am away on doctor's orders, to recuperate after my operation.

"I expect to be fighting fit in a couple of weeks. Obviously, the board had been advised of this before my departure.
"Earlier in the year I, along with some others, invested considerable monies into the club on the understanding certain existing board members resigned their positions.

"At that time, the board of investers became the 'investment board', the main board of the club.

"The 'operational board' (which was not a board but a committee) was only created to allow those directors who had agreed to resign to be called directors still and enjoy the benefits - but have none of the responsibility that goes with it.
"However, in recent weeks, it was agreed to disband the operational board as it added very little value to the club and seemed only to confuse - we wanted to have just one board. This would consist of myself, [Kris] Machala, [Tony] Taylor and [John] Leppard, plus a representative for John McGinty's estate.
"Unfortunately, at a meeting last Tuesday week, called by Kris Machala, and those directors who had already agreed to resign several months ago, I was advised they would no longer be resigning, despite all monies having been invested into the club.
"This left me and the minority outvoted and the problem of an ongoing split board. Clearly this could not work, so I was left with no choice but to resign my position as I am not prepared to sit round a board table with people who renege on minuted decisions.
"I was assured the financial state of the club would not be affected by my departure and I continue to be the largest living investor at the club.
"It was my intention to invest further to support my vision for the club and I had already earmarked monies for the players' share scheme - but clearly I no longer have any control over the club's affairs or my monies, so this will no longer happen.
"I wish all associated with the club well, and thank those loyal fans and staff for all their support in recent months.

Leighton Moat"