Dillon Rejects Morgan Bid

Shots boss Kevin Dillon has told the clubs official website www.theshots.co.uk that despite all of the recent media speculation surrounding striker Marvin Morgan, he has only received one bid during the January transfer window.

He said: “There has been a lot of speculation on Sky Sports about one of our players - Marvin [Morgan], but we’ve had one offer for him and it was a derisory offer from a League One club not too far from here from somebody who was associated with the club.

“It wasn’t done in the correct manner either, it was faxed through and it was a pittance, absolute pittance!

“I was more annoyed with the effect that it would have on the player because he’s found out about it and I’ve told him how much it was and he’s not happy either, because I certainly won’t be selling him.

“There’s a price for everyone, obviously everybody has got a price but the offer I got was very, very poor and I was very disappointed in the manner that it was done as well.”

The club, possibly Wycombe Wanderers who are now managed by ex-Shots boss Gary Waddock [pictured] were expected to mount a "raid" on the North Hampshire side once the transfer window opened, but the struggling League one club are not understood to have have much available income to use on signing new players and this could prove to be a stumbling block in their short term future as The Shots will be looking to cash in on their star-player if he was to move on.

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