Crawley Not Making Official Complaint To FA Over Kuhl Incident

The Crawley Observer has reported that although assistant Reds manager Paul Raynor has admitted that he was very disappointed by Martin Kuhl's "punch" during the two clubs FA Cup match, the Sussex side will not be following up with an official complaint after the officials on the evening said that the incident would be recorded in their match report.

On the papers website,, an exclusive video interview shows Raynor describe Martin Kuhl's punch as "disappointing" but both he and Evans commented that they would wait for the FA's decision on the matter.

Evans described Kuhl's behaviour in the incident as a "shameful" act before going on to talk about his own lack of discipline on the touchline at Altrincham where he sarcastically clapped the ref during the match after an incident, well outside of the technical area which resulted in his own sending off from the dugout.

The full interview can be seen by clicking the link below: