Next Strays Meeting

Since my resignation from the Shots Trust board last month, I have been in contact with a small number of other likeminded Shots supporters who I believe may be interested in helping to launch and administer a “Forever Shots” scheme (you can find out more about this fund by clicking on the drop-down “projects” menu above).

In the meantime, with DSG (the parent company of the Footy Mad network) due to make their fourth quarter payments within the next few days, any funds received from the running of this site, will be recorded and placed in the current Stray Shots account pending any new fund being created.

Once a meeting has taken place, I will of course update this site with any decisions made, but in the meantime, if you’re interested in helping or getting involved with raising funds, please get in contact as soon as possible!

Getting involved wont mean devoting all of your free time (or indeed “much” of it at all) attending endless meetings, we’re just after finding people who want to make things happen and can spare a little time to help push things forwards.