Grays Aldershot Preview

Grays come into the game in 9th place and on the back of four straight league wins.

Cynics or realists (take your choice) will say that Northwich,Salisbury,Woking and Farsley were not the sternest of tests.

Boss Justin Edinburgh has defended this saying you can only play what is in front of you.

Grays record against top six teams on the face of it is mixed.

The draw at Torquay on the opening day of the season was a fantastic performance and was the first inkling that Grays had a mighty defence.

Grays had the better of Cambridge for long periods of the game and competed well against Stevenage before going down to both.

Draws against Oxford and Rushden all provide evidence that Grays can compete with the movers and shakers in the division.

Justin was asked on Saturday whether the 4-3-3 formation was a luxury he could afford against Aldershot.

He said: "It is certainly something we will look at in training. The formation has brought us a lot of success and seems to be just the right balance but I am aware that tactics may need to change.

All players are available for the trip to Hampshire including Stuart Thurgood who has been the subject of speculation regarding a possible move to Gillingham.

Aldershot have impressed everyone with their performance this year including former player Chris Tomlinson who is now Headteacher at Chafford Hundred Campus.

Chris played in the very last league match for The Shots in May 1993.

Chris said: "Our last home game was against Lincoln and we then went to Ninian Park, Cardiff for our final game.

It was very emotional. We played in front of 9,000 including 2,000 of our own fans but we lost 2-0. Soon after the club folded and I was on the dole.

Chris is delighted to see the resurgent Shots and has followed their progress carefully.

He said: "Garry Waddock has done a tremendous job. I believe the key to their success is stamina. grays must be prepared to run for 95 minutes if they want to get any change out of them."

The match will be live on Setanta. Whatever the result, Grays will probably have a better idea of how they are truly performing tomorrow night and in which direction they might be heading.

Reporter: Michael Casey