Southampton Ladies 1 - 5 Shots Ladies

Aldershot had already hosted Southampton early on in the season and had run out six-nil winners. But this game was always going to be more difficult due to the weather and pitch conditions.

Straight from the kick off the conditions weren't helping, Southampton tried to use the strong wind to their advantage and nearly caught the Shots defence out, in which they manage to clear.  Once again Southampton sent a long ball that wasn't cleared by the shots defence and the home side striker sent a well-driven shot passed Calder in goal. 1-0.  This speared The Shots on and forced a corner straight away. From the corner Smith sent in a well driven cross in which everyone seem to miss and bounced into the top of the net.1-1.

Aldershot took control of the midfield and a well placed pass sent Hann clear of the defender, she hit her shot from the edge of the box and some how the home keeper let the ball go under her foot 2-1. Straight from the kick off The Shots won the ball back and again Hann went around the defender to shoot into the right hand corner 3-1.

In the second half Aldershot contained Southampton in there own half and won a number of corners, eventually one paid off, with Cole's arriving on the edge of the six-yard box to side foot into the roof of the net 1-4.  As the game came to a close Aldershot won a free kick on the edge of Southampton's penalty area. Giberson sent a well-driven shot into the top right hand corner of the net 1-5.  Aldeshot had a few more chances to increase the lead but eventually run out 5-1 winners.

The Squad: Hayley Calder, Di Smith, Tara Coles, Hanna Grover, Kath Giberson, Laura Barker, Emma North (Capt), Laura Funnell, Laura Hann, Lou Lloyd, Lou Dowie & Stacey Ireland.

Next game: Sunday 14th January 2007, Aldershot Town Ladies V Wycombe Wanderers at Farnborough Gate. Kick off 14.00.