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Last updated : 24 January 2006 By Stray Shots Team
ATFC Supporters Club Treasurer, Richard Llanwarne has published the Supporters Clubs notes from Saturdays Matchday programme on Shotsweb in a bid to raise awarness of some of the current clubs objectives.

The club are trying to help raise funds for a number of projects - and there are free and easy ways that Shots supporters can help to do this.

The message (from Shotsweb):

"For those of you who didn't go to the match on Saturday, or who didn't see the Supporters Club Notes in the Programme, I am copying them below. The key points to note are that the Supporters Club has taken on the responsibility for trying to get a lift installed in the Phoenix Social Club, and that we are still trying to raise money for the football club by promoting the 'Buyat' scheme for internet shopping.

Supporters Club Programme Notes
Aldershot v Halifax (Saturday 21st January)

Lift for Phoenix Social Club
As most of you will know, The Phoenix Social Club building did not have a lift installed when it was built, and so there is currently no access to the upstairs bar for disabled people. This subject has been raised a number of times since the building was opened, and it was raised again at the question and answer session with Karl and Terry that followed the Supporters Club AGM at the end of November. At that meeting, Karl suggested that perhaps the Supporters Club could take on the responsibility for getting a lift installed in the building, and there was support for this idea amongst the members present.

At the Supporters Club Committee meeting in December, it was agreed that we were committed to getting a lift for the Social Club. This will be no easy task. Initial quotations for a suitable platform lift are around £15,000 plus VAT and it appears likely that there will need to be additional building work undertaken as the shaft that was originally built to take a lift may not be big enough.

At this stage we are talking to suppliers of disabled access lifts to find the best solution to the problem. We will also be looking into the possibility of obtaining grant(s) to help with the funding. The Supporters Club have a specific Disabled Fund in place and further donations have already been promised to help with the lift, but we will obviously need to arrange a programme of fundraising activities in due course.

We are very keen that we get a suitable lift installed as soon as possible. This will not only be a benefit to our own disabled supporters, enabling them to attend functions in the upstairs room, but it will also help the Football Club to hire the room for outside functions. We will keep supporters informed of how we are progressing with the project. In the meantime, if there are any individuals or companies who have expertise in disabled access, or who have ideas that could assist the funding, we would be delighted to hear from them. Please contact me by phone on 01252 512609 or email me at

General Supporters Club Activities
With lower attendances this year compared with the last two seasons, the Football Club is in need of as much financial help from the Supporters Club as possible. It is important therefore that fundraising activity for the Social Club lift will be additional to our on-going fund raising activities. Keith Able is responsible for our regular Golden Goal and Social Events, and with his enthusiasm and drive, both of these areas are enjoying great success this season. To-date this season, we have already raised £1,850 from Golden Goal and £2,750 from social events. Many thanks to all of you who help to make these activities a success.

Another fundraising opportunity that we are trying to promote is the internet ‘buyat' scheme. If you do any shopping on the internet, please visit through which shopping at the sites of such well known names as MFI, RAC, M&S, Amazon, John Lewis, etc, will enable the Supporters Club to earn significant commission. Since this scheme was launched in November 2004, the Supporters Club has earned £350 commission. This may not seem a fortune, but for internet shoppers it is an easy way to help the Football Club at no expense to themselves. In fact, many of the products available through this site are cheaper than they are on the High Street. One of the many retailers who you can make purchases from through this site is Thorntons, so why not make your Valentines gift purchases through them and help the Football Club at the same time?

Thanks for your support.

Richard Llanwarne
Supporters Club Treasurer."