Oxford Supporters Inspired By Their Shots Rivals

Website www.thisisunited.com announced that U's supporters are to create a fund in an attempt to buy a massive flag having been impressed with the one that the RBA produced in the two clubs recent match. The article stated, "It was something never seen before at the Kassam Stadium, nor indeed at the Manor Ground before that.

"The flag, reportedly 24m x 8m, stretched almost from the top seats to the bottom in the visitors' section of the North Stand and was, admittedly, very impressive – more like something you see at Barcelona or in Serie A than in English football.

"And now U's fans have rallied round, initially through postings on the ThisisUnited website, to see if money can be collected to purchase their own giant flag, which can be displayed at home and away matches.

"OxVox, the Oxford United supporters' trust, has set up a bank account for donations to a special fund to purchase it.

"Trevor Lambert, the OxVox chairman, said: "The sum that needs to be raised would be at least £1,000 and maybe £2,000. We're just facilitating the setting up of a bank account for people to use, so that we can get this thing moving.

"The idea seems to have taken off – though its very, very early days.

"Lots of people have their own little banners, OxVox even have their own one themselves, but this would be something big and bold, something that would make a statement.

"We're looking for a simple logo, almost certainly some version of an ox head, and the colours, blue on yellow, to just show Oxford United's identity. People are voting on which design they would like and voting closed on Friday.

"Lambert added: "The aim is to get it done for the match against Woking on Boxing Day when we hope to have a very big crowd."

"Individual donations to the fund have already come in, and one company has even made a verbal offer of help.

"The only reservation United have had about it is on safety grounds, so the giant flag will have to be fire-proof – probably some form of treated polyester – but the club are right behind the idea.

"It's got a real chance of going ahead," Lambert said.

"Martin Brodetsky, OxVox vice-chairman, said: "The Aldershot flag was inspirational.

"I think the dimensions we're looking at around around 50ft x 30ft but it depends on the design.

"The unique thing about this is that it is something spontaneous from the supporters."