Club Escape Trouble

Shots Chairman, Karl Prentice revealed today that the club have escaped punishment following an incident where a coin was thrown at a linesman during the Barnet match on the 27th November 2004.

Prentice quoted part of a letter that the club received from the FA following their nvestigation. It stated, "This is now the second report received by the FA this season of an assistant referee being struck by an object thrown from a home supporters area of the ground. I note that your club placed an article in the match programme to warn supporters about their future behaviour and that you are in future to place extra stewards in the area from where the object was thrown.

I would stress that the Football Association considers this to be a very serious matter and would expect your club to make every effort to prevent any further such incidents. The Football Association will not be taking any further action on this ocassion. However, please be advised that we will have no option but to consider disciplinary action against the club if further reports of spectator misconduct should be received and the Football Association reserves the right to refer to the current matter in such circumstances."

Obviously any future incidents could mean that any number of punishments are impossed on the football club - one of which could mean that the club receive a fine. This of course would have a knock-on effect for Terry Brown - meaning that any funds that may be available for strengthening the side could be swallowed up.

Shots Mad would urge all supporters to assist the football club by reporting ANY incidents to the club, stewards or the police so as we can rid these idiots from the club and it's good name.